Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So how do I frame my quick trip to Tennessee? Well while it was short, I did get a chance to accomplish my primary business reason for going which afforded me the opportunity for everything else that took place during my visit including some great shots. I will update this post with them very soon.

My trip started with a visit to the Gaylord Opryland Luxury which is actually the oldest of the four Gaylord Hotels in the United States. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to visit 3 of the four hotels and two (Gaylord Texan and of course the Gaylord Opryland) within a 7 day period. You also may remember my trip last year to the Gaylord National Harbor and here's a link to that slideshow.

Secondly I was rushing back to the hotel after having dinner with a colleague so I could watch one of my favorite shows; 24. I saw some lights in the hotel lobby I wanted to photograph so I returned with my camera. My camera has turned into a magnet and sparks up a lot of conversation and opportunity for me. While shooting in the lobby a woman (Rose) commented on the size of my camera and asked me if I was a professional? I replied yes and two hours later I shot her daughter Alexia; "Ms. Teen Tennessee Latina 2009_2010". I told Alexia she made the trip for me and that I was honored to meet such a beautiful and focused young lady. She wants to be a lawyer with a focus on animal rights and I have a bead on a Latina attorney that can serve as a mentor for her. I am pretty excited about this possibility.

The next day I got up at sunrise and visited the Pantheon which I will admit was unimpressive but I did eek out a few cool shots. I also visited downtown Nashville and got some shots which are really cool and I believe are the true spirit of Nashville.

As I reflect back on the trip, I will remember the connections I made with the people and the state history. Everywhere I went I connected with people, learned more about the history and tried to make every moment memorable. I started this process while visiting India this time last year and it has spilled over into all of my subsequent travels; including this one.

On a slight side not, I need to thank Alexia's Mom Rose who gave me so much encouragement about my work and the possibilities. I am putting out to the universe to send me someone willing to help me with the marketing and presentation of my work. Taking a page out of the book "The Secret" as I want to open up additional possibilities for me in the very near future and allow everyone to enjoy some of the fruits of my travels.

I will post my favorite photos from the trip to Texas and Tennessee yet this week.

I'll be blogging you...


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Angel said...

Dave, you always amaze me. It's like you just can't help to reach out and help those who have a real passion. Your personality is like a magnet to people. These are things that make you a truly unique person.