Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pike's Place Fish and Noelani - Miss Island Mokihana 2010

I seem to have a knack lately for being in the right place at the right time and that continued during my visit to Seattle this month and trip down to the famous Pike's Place Fish at the Public Market Center. I was hoping to get a glimpse of what I had only heard about and seen on TV AND maybe see a fish or two flying through the air.

So I got there and saw some of the most amazing seafood ever but the only thing that was flying through the air was crab and I wasn't too impressed; I could have done that myself. So I turned my head for just a MOMENT and there they went, two BIG fish flying through the air. Well I had only myself to blame and figured it would be a while before any other activity so I walked away and visited other parts of the market. Well when I got back I noticed a crowd and thought, you missed it again man. I did notice that there was a new person behind the counter who had dawned an apron and I just figured it was just a new or late arriving employee.

As I listed and watched, I noticed that the crowd was a bit too interested in this woman (who I affectionately referred to as the "fish lady") and they weren't budging. One of the guys at the market stood about 5 feet from her and through a fish to her, she threw it back, her threw it back to her and the cycle repeated itself. At this point I figured out what was happening or what was about to happen so I strategically inserted myself into the crowd and put my camera into high speed mode. The guy now moved out in the crowd with us and the lady he was playing catch with earlier was all the way behind the succession of counters and now he's about to hurl this fish to her in hopes that she's gonna catch it.

Up in the air the fish went, flexed a bit at the apex of the throw and down right into the "fish lady's" awaiting arms. There was a woman who was taking pictures and I could tell by the way the guys at the market were positioning and talking with her that she traveled to the market with the "fish lady". I talked with her and showed her the pictures I took and promised to share them once I got back home. She tried to tell me who the fish lady was but I wasn't paying attention for checking the quality of the shots I took. Well the "fish lady" got cleaned up and joined us in front of the market. I introduced myself and she again told me who she was and it was then that I realized why there was a crowd. The "fish lady's" real name was actually Noelani Kaui - Miss Island Mokihana 2010, Miss Garden Isle 2009 and Miss Hawaii USA (top 10). I guess patience and a BIG camera pays off in the end.

What a way to give this neglected Blog some lovin'.