Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Men of India

What is a Man and how does this influence the people, culture and the future of the society. While in India and had the distinct pleasure to be in the presence of the strong, proud; the Men of India. More pictures coming soon...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Agra Fort

It's been a while since I posted additional shots from my trip to India. How fitting to make an update to the Blog India series with what I consider to be one of the best kept secrets in India - Agra Fort.

The ride to the Fort was very interesting, hot, windy and filled with unexpected obstacles but our guide made sure we got there safely and with enough time to explore. Agra Fort is less than 2 kilometers from the Taj Mahal and the history dates back over 2500 years ago. The fort
is built alongside the Yamuna river and stretches almost 2.5 km. It consists of a wall built in red sandstone and several buildings inside. The wall has 2 gates, the Delhi Gate and the Amar Singh Gate.

After going through the gate you walk up this ramp and it's better to be on the side of attacking down the ramp versus someone who was trying to wage the battle uphill. The Fort was built by Shah Janan in 1628. Further you find the Royal Pavilions. It contains beautiful mosques, palaces and the Zenana Mina Bazaar. Several of the buildings are made of pure marble with beautiful carvings.

As you can tell from many of the inside shots, the Fort has seen better days but not bad for being over 2500 years old and of course it is a Fort. Taking nothing away from the Taj Mahal but Agra Fort in my opinion is every bit impressive. I hope everyone enjoys these shots and I apologize for my delay in getting these posted.


Yes that is a Swastika below and here's some information on its' context in Indian culture.