Thursday, June 19, 2008

Going to the Temple

Another unique experience while in India was my visit to the Sri Radha Krishna Temple. While I don't understand a lot about Indian religion, I respect their workshop which meant I had to be very careful with my camera work as not to offend. Thankfully two of our hosts were very good about keeping me grounded in the rules as to what not to shoot and where not to take my camera.

I have to admit that the experience was MUCH different that what I was accustom to in US based worship. The crowds of worshipers was much heavier and obviously the rituals were different. The worship temples were HUGE and much more ornate with gold, architecture and I could have stayed for hours just admiring this as well as the detailed work from the ceiling to the floors. Oh how I wish I would have smuggled my camera into this temple because words can't describe the experience. I almost missed the night shot below thinking it was too dark to capture the shot (s) without a tripod but thanks to the photography workshop I attended, I did a spot meter versus evaluative; this part is for the photographers in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

I left the temple different from whence I arrived. I got my Bindi on the forehead, was blessed by Krishna and was exposed to yet another rich aspect of the Indian culture. By the way congratulations and best wishes to Rupkumar and Preethi.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Blow Horn - Don't try this at home.

Traveling in India is an experience to say the least and there's nothing I've witnessed that can prepare you for what has got to be the 9th Wonder of the World. So hold on baby and you may want to get one of those bags you put your face in on the airplane because this isn't for the faint at heart. While you're at it grab a couple of bucks because that's how much the airline will charge you for your deposit; you're welcome for the visual.

Just close your eyes and imagine you're taking one of those lazy Sunday drives; you know the one where you went to the early church service and there's nobody on the road but you (King of the Road). Are you eyes still closed??? Well off in the distance but coming up on you fast is a large mass of mechanized machinery with a purpose and on the wrong side of the street. Horns a blazing, cows a mooing and by the way, did you get that wrong side of the road piece "chief"? Ready to open those eyes partner?

Not only are you not in Kansas anymore buddy; you're in India!!!!! Accident free discount, safe driver medallion are irrelevant here and yes there were five people on that motorcycle that just passed you and yes she was holding a baby while she rode side saddle. They start them off young because nobody in their right mind can get use to this; you gotta be born into it.

Let's recap, here's what just whizzed by you. Cars of all types, bicycles, rickshaws, auto rickshaws, motorcycles (two seaters and up), small trucks, large trucks, cows, horses, dogs, buses, and enough pollution to put New York and California to shame. Also, that thing in the middle of your steering wheel, yes the horn thingy, is getting a serious workout as are your lungs if you were stupid enough to have the window down. Been there done that and it's not a pretty site or sounds coughing your brains out while trying to get some fresher air back into those lungs. That was me with the window down so the Blog community could experience India as I did. So without any further adieu, I bring to you another little bit of India.